The Middle Years--Sophomore and Junior

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As sophomores, 139 of us returned, determined to improve our grades and our social lives. We participated in a study of the “sophomore slump,” convinced that we would not fall victim to its symptoms.

We began to look beyond ourselves.

Discussions started in Dr. Byers’ history classes were often continued over the dinner table or in the dorm lounges. We began to defend our viewpoints and acknowledge that there were perspectives other than our own.

We struggled to escape the shackles of our Southern-Lady-upbringing and our gnawing passion for Civil Rights.

We declared majors, then changed our minds, often several times. Some of us transferred.

We took seriously the responsibility of unlimited cuts and went to class nearly always.

In our rooms, the ominous rat-a-tat-tat of term-paper typewriters increased almost to a roar. The music majors took up residence in their practice rooms.

We discussed poetry with Robert Frost’s daughter, Lesley. 

We presented Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood; William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew; “Profiles of a Saint,” a myriad of scenes from plays about Joan of Arc; and Rick Besoyan’s Little Mary Sunshine.

We enjoyed one of our best laughs ever when a group of professors (Mr. Bray and his brother, Mr. Jordan, Mr. Michie, Mr. Mangum, Dr. Paine and Mr. Shewmake) created the artist, Rauol Gondamar.  Gondamar’s work fooled even the local critics.

 We looked at Christmas through the eyes of fellow students, Judit Magos from Hungary, and Sara DiStefano from Italy.

We continued to support our closest merchants, the Salem Book Store, the Dairy Barn and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

We burned our crazy hats and tried on caps and gowns.

We started a fund drive for a new Fine Arts Building that would open long after we were gone.

For the first time, we began to think about where we would be going.

Frances Broaddus-Crutchfield


Remember:  The wonderful evenings when boys from Wake Forest came to serenade a recently pinned Salem girl. I particularly remember the night Susie Johnston (Stovall) was serenaded. That was soooo romantic!!!

Remember When:  One weekend, a boy from Carolina named Bubba Fountain came to pick up his date in Babcock. Rather than parking and walking to the dorm, he drove right up to the door! The housemother was astonished when she opened the door to see a VWbug outside!

Contributed by Marty Richmond Wilson

Remember When:  I had to take Organic Chemistry along with the Med. Techs. It just about took me. I remember asking Dr. Finch if I passed the exam.  when I saw him at the little soda fountain shop ac ross the Square. He told me that I had the lowest average in the class and that if he passed me, he would have to pass everyone else in the class. Well, everyone stood around to see if he told me whether or not I passed so they would know whether or not they had.

Contributed by Becky Gaddy Wright

Remember When:  Jo and Mary Jane collected newspapers from all over the campus for weeks, wadded them up, and stuffed Wookie and Donna's second floor Babcock room full to the point that when they returned from their dates that Saturday night they were unable to enter their room.  Mrs. Chatham, the housemother got wind of the prank and alerted Security who came and made them clear the papers away from the electrical outlets.  For retaliation, Donna and Wookie began leaving notes in Jo & MJ's room to "beware of the ides of March."  On March 15, while Jo  MJ were away, they hid their clothes all over campus.  It took considerable time to find them, and when they did, several days later, they had to load them on a cart and march right past Dean Heidbreder's open windowl in broad daylight!

Contributed by Jo Dunbar Faulmann and Mary Jane Harrell McKnight



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