Freshman Year

Fall Day in Mountains with Episcopalian Chaplain, Brevard Williams

In the fall of 1960, we came to Salem—165 of us, from two countries and fourteen states.

We were valedictorians, beauty contest winners, husband hunters, party girls, philosophers, musicians and serious scholars.

We slept with our hair in rollers and held up our stockings with garter belts or girdles. 

We wore skirts to class except on the rare occasion when we overslept and rolled up our pajamas under our raincoats. 

Except for one we called “a vision in the study room,” we saved makeup for weekends. 

We had limited cuts and strict curfews. Written parental permission was required for overnights off campus.

We learned to do the twist in the hall with a towel. We made grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron.

We found the lucky Bridge hands went to those who sat aligned with the dorm bathtubs. 

We discovered an escape route from the attic of Sisters through the attic of Main Hall to the Chapel. 

We believed rats lived in Sisters’ upper attic, and roaches partied in Clewell while we slept. Babcock was new. 

We loved “college men” and dated those close by when we ran out of overnights.

We studied in our closets with flashlights after lights out, and read in one night more than we had in a year of high school. We wrote our papers on typewriters or with pens by hand.

We began to care about issues such as Civil Rights. We opened our minds to new ideas.

We sat by the Lily Pond to debate philosophical ideals. We joined campus organizations. We studied.

We would never again be the same.

Frances Bailey Broaddus-Crutchfield

Remember When:  One morning in Dr. Lewis' French class when a student attended in a raincoat. The person looked like someone in our class--trench coat and sunglasses. What a surprise it was when the student draped an arm over the back of the chair and it was very hairy!!!  Suddenly, we realized this was a male and not our classmate. From Dr. Lewis's class "she" went to gym class where "her" cover was lost. It turned out he was a UNC fraternity pledge.

Remember that wonderfully warm,spring night before exams when a number of students (especially in our class) decided to have a great water battle. Many buckets were filled in the lily pond as well as from spigots in the dorms. Dean Heidbreder was none too pleased. Normally she provided a nice cake on reading day, but we were punished that year- there was no cake!!!!

From Marty Richmond Wilson

Remember When:  One Sunday we came out of the Refectory and were greeted by a group from Mademoiselle Magazine.  It seems they were on their way to a fashion photo shoot and were delayed by a hurricane.  So, Salem  became a stop for the photographers. They asked several students to step aside as we all descended the steps of the Refectory.  These became models for the spring issue of Mademoiselle.  Diane Fuller and Mary Jane Harrell  were chosen from our class.  


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