Memories of Salem, Class of 1964


Forty-nine years ago 160 "girls" came to Salem 
from the four corners of the United States.  
Four years later they graduated as "women" 
ready to take on the world--and they have!

Salem Alma Mater

Strong are thy walls O Salem 

Thy virgin trees stand tall 

And far a thwart the sun lit hills 

Their stately shadows fall


Then sing we of Salem ever 

As proudly her name we bear 

Long may our praise re echo 

Long may our praise re echo 

Far may our song ring clear 


Firm is thy faith O Salem 

Thy future service sure 

The beauty of thy heritage 

For ever shall endure  



True is our love O Salem 

Thy name we proudly own 

The joy of comradeship is here 

Thy spirit makes us one

Words by Marion Hunt Blair and Anna Pauline Shaffner. Music by Charles G. Vardell, Jr.  Lyrics were written in 1917 and became the official alma mater in 1928.


Remember When:  In 1960 1st Semester Tuition was $800.00; room and board added $150 bringing the total to $950; 2nd Semester Tuition was $925 and room and board was $125.           Copyright©2009 by Jo Dunbar Faulmann all Rights Reserved